A Network of CARE

We are a missional network connecting and engaging the hopes and passions of the United Methodist mission across Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona.

We envision a ministry of C.A.R.E.

Connecting – Connecting social care through one another and resources.

Advising – Assisting and advising ministries of social concern.

Recognizing – Spreading the word and telling the stories about care that connect people.

Endowing – Providing financial resources to encourage and promote care, assistance, and justice.

The UMSM Team InterNetwork

The North District is deep and wide; it is a large geographical area of more than 70,000 square miles reaching into three states, Nevada, Arizona, and California. To create a network able to span the miles to share and collaborate about missional outreach ministries through the churches of our communities, an InterNetwork platform is being used. Through Workplace by Facebook, we can make posts to share ideas and collaborate, share pictures and videos of ministries and resources, save document files, and engage in video or voice chats with team members. In Workplace, each Outreach Mission is focused in a Group/Team. New Teams can be formed as common outreach mission ministries are identified.

The Desert Southwest Conference

The Desert Southwest Conference is a connection of lay and clergy leaders of United Methodist Churches extending Christ’s presence of love, justice, and hope in our world. UMSM is a part of this connection. We draw upon the guidance and resources of our Connectional Ministries through the Board of Global Ministries, Urban Ministries, and Church & Society who support and challenge us to be faithful to the call of Jesus Christ.

 The Vision of the Desert Southwest Conference –

To be a Courageous Church:

  • Loving like Jesus
  • Acting for justice
  • United in hope.

    Our Partners in Ministry

    Open Table Movement

    A major initiative of UMSM’s Network of CARE is the coordination of a county-wide Open Table movement in Southern Nevada.
    The initial focus of Open Table in the Desert Southwest is serving young adults transitioning from foster care. We are committed to launching 5 Tables in 2019!
    Each Table has six to eight members who commit to helping a Young Adult for one year. They meet weekly. The group acts as a team of supporters and advocates, using their professional and personal experiences to provide guidance in a non-judgmental space.

    NCG– Nevadans for the Common Good

    Nevadans for the Common Good (NCG) is dedicated to educating and training citizens to participate in public life. Diverse institutions work together to build relationships, find common ground on issues, and act in nonpartisan ways to improve life for all Nevadans.

    SAWs – Servants at Work Team

    SAWs© builds high-quality, removable and reusable wooden ramps for low-income, permanently disabled individuals who use wheelchairs, scooters or walkers. Our work is transformative for the ramp recipient and their caregivers as well as for our volunteers who witness the joy-filled moment when an individual regains freedom. UMSM serves as a hub/affiliate of SAWs for Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona.

    How You Can Make a Difference

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